Aurora: GENE 29 the future beings by Paola Tognazzi

Aurora is an Interactive multiplayer audio visual installation for physical spaces and digital facades based on mobile wireless sensory technology of movement capture data. The installation analyzes the dynamic energies and rhythms of the audience’s body and translates it into musical and visual projections. It allows an immediate connection between body and software, so the users can immediately see the effect of their movements and learn from it in real time, thus developing physical awareness, listening of the body and physical communication. By integrating new media and storytelling, it creates sensorial and seductive experiences, where the audience can listen to their bodies and interact socially. Through the open source w_dynamics software and the Iphones, captures in real time the data of the user’s movements. Two persons, each with their Iphone, draw the live interactive visuals together, feeding back and inspiring the one to the other. Through the touch screen they can change the audios and the type of brush with which to draw. Technology and Body become one. Your inner world takes control of the exterior one transforming the city’s architecture into organic spaces an alive organisms, a space to regain awareness and corporal expression, while mirroring what we are made of.

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It comes from questions like What’s the next stage in the evolution of humanity? Will we merge with the machines and with each others? Does technology shape the body? Does the body shape technology?
How can we re-perceive and listen to the body as body, today in the digital era, integrating and harmonizing the old language of body expression, with the one of new technologies, to stimulate the expressive qualities generated by movements and conditions like will, effort, and desire.

The final paintings tell the stories of their bodies, portraying their internal dynamics, visualizing their organic architectures in this way revealing the identity of their movements.
It shows to the outside what happens inside and it claims the public space as a space to regain corporal expression and awareness, while the private filters smoothly through fluid spirals into the public.
The cities become the mirror of the inner world that we are made of, transforming itself in the sensitive and social body. A world, that isn’t just a technical exercise but goes beyond creating poetic and imaginative worlds that move with you, putting in evidence the delicate relation between human beings, their inner bodies, and space, while facilitating an exploration and a dynamic understanding of the process.
The feedback from the audience was: Technology and body become one in an hypnotic experience!

Technical Rider:

Materials that provides the artist:
1 Macbook OSX, The Softwares: W_dynamics and Processing, 1 Ipod touch

Materials that provides the host:
1 video projector, cables to conect the projector to the computer, 1 router with local wi-fi to conect the sensors of the iphones to the computer, 1 ipod touch or Iphone, 2 Loudspeakers.

Paola Tognazzi’s artistic statement:

My work explores the sensuality of interactive designs and how to use sound and visuals to navigate and create personal and intimate environments. It creates experiences in collective games that physically and emotionally engage the audience and foment them to develop physical awareness. My passion is to do with the body. Knowing, feeling, listening to, and learning from the body’s extreme intelligence. The brain is part of the body our thoughts and memories are processed in and through it. The body is our root to the world it’s not just a tool or an interface to the world but it’s what we are. And yet we know so little about it. We know how many letters there are in the alphabet but we don’t know how many bones and muscles we have and all the possibilities of combining their combination. And yet we truly communicate more with our body than with words. Living in this current time I pose myself questions like What’s the next stage in the evolution of humanity? Will we merge with the machines and with each other, creating the New Human, Humanity 2.0, permanently wired into the universal Mind of Mankind, and rid of individual existence? I like to investigate and question what it is to be human in a networked reality, searching for links between the technologies of communication and information. How does technology shape the body? How does the body shape technology? Will we still be human if we merge with the machines? Or are we already machines?
Basically how can we re-perceive and listen to the body as body, today in the digital era, integrating and harmonizing the old language of body expression, with the one of new technologies, to stimulate the expressive qualities generated by movements and conditions like will, effort, and desire. For this in my work i focus on multi user interactive tools, where social interaction plays a primary role, that allow the audience to develop physical awareness, listening of the body and physical communication and create an immediate connection between body and software. So the users immediately sees the effect of their movements and learn from it in real time.

Curriculum Vitae


2012 Technology Programming for 3D printing models for Kinect.
2011 Interactive interface technology, Programming for Kinect: Golan Levine
2010 Programming in Processing at Medialab-Prado: Golan Levin, Chris Sugrue
2007 International workshop of the technologies of the body with: Stelarc, Donald Glowinski-InfoMus Lab, EyesWeb, Daniel Schorno, André Gonçalves, Jaime del Val.
2001 graduated in: Direction of theater and dance within interactive audio visual installations, at the MTD/SNDD school for the arts in Amsterdam.
2000 Etching at Amsterdam Beeldende Academy: Studying with Lies Verdenius
1999/2000 Interactive Scenography & Media with Sher Doruff.
2000 Harmony and the use of Time and Rythms at Amsterdam Conservatory, studying with Paul Schepper.
1993 University of Philosophy, specializing in Estetica with Dr. Carlo Gentile in Bologna. While furthering her studies on Contemporary performance with Paola Palmi, Elisabetta Colace, Michele Abbondanza, Luisa Casiraghi, Contact Improvisation with Monica Francia and Dieter Heitkamp, Butoh with Masaki.
1992 Industrial Design, I.E.D Instituto Europeo di Design Milan, meanwhile studying performing arts with Franca Ferrari and Dominique Dupuy.


2011-12 I+D Developing and Coaching for Innovation at the Software Company I68 in San Sebastian. Project «Humanising the software» the new interface.
2008-12 Director of Wearable_Dynamics: Develops ergonomic interactive tools and interfaces.
2009-10 Technology for simultaneously stream and interact within 4 different cities. European Tele-Plateaus Transnational Sites of Encounter.
2005-06 Executive Producer, STUDIO AZZURRO, Interactive technologies for Operas and Museums.
2003 Executive Producer, Total Brutal.
2002 Assistant Sasha Waltz in «Nobody».


Since 2007 she is collaborating with Medialab-Prado at projects like:
Interactivos? ’08 VisionPlay Immodesty by Karolina Sobecka,
Avlab 08 with her own project W_Space (Francisco Lopez, Hans…)
Interactivos’?09 Hormiga Interactibus by Adrian Santuario Hernandez
HelloWorld!: Contemporary stage creation and new technologies 09
Guests: Zachary Lieberman and Antunez.
Single loop, double loop by Mika Satomi.
Jugando con numeros 2010 by Chris Sugrue, Daniel Sanchez.
26.000 pixels for the facade of Medialab-Prado by Chris Sugrue Massimo Avvisati.
In 2008 participated at SummerLab in Laboral

2012 ECLAP conference Information Technologies Florennce
2011 Conexiones improbables for Gene Sublimation
2011 Residency at Plataorma 0 Laboral
2010 DRHA Sensual Technologies Conference at Brunel University
2009 Milano in Digitale Co-produced Wearable_SuperNow
2008 STEIM & Medialab-Prado subsidy for W_Space
2006 BEK subsidy and co-production for Autopsy
2003 STEIM co-production for Room 2.6/Budget Motel
2001 Scholarship to go to work in Japan with Min Tanaka
2000 Subsidy Practicum Generale for “Lost Labyrinth…”
1999 STEIM residency for Portraits of a Ghost multimedia video installation
1996 Full european scholarship to study at the art academy in Holland.

Expositions interactive installations & multimedia theater:

Laboral Gijon
Museo San Telmo San Sebastian
REC International Festival of Electronic Art & Technology
ECLAP: Information Technologies Conference
Camon Madrid.

¿Por que tenemos organos pares y solo un corazon?:
Teatro Pradillo
Noche en Blanco Madrid
Instituto Cervantes Beijing

Laboral Gijon
Camon Alicante
DRHA ‘Sensual Technologies’ Conference Brunel University
Festival RetroMadrid
Complutense University
Festival Arte Beijing
Instituto Cervantes Pekin
La casa de las Conchas Salamanca
Milano in Digitale
Festival Evolution
La Tabacalera Madrid
Festival Critica Urbana
Festival Happenings Madrid

Transmediale Berlin
Festival Avlab
La Casa Encendida
La Noche en Blanco Madrid

Festival BEK
La casa de las Conchas Salamanca
La Tabacalera
Festival Periferie Urbane

Room 2.6/ Budget Motel:
Melkweg Amsterdam
Monty Amberes
Festival Junge Hunde
Festival De Droome Holland
STEIM Amsterdam
Zaal 100 Holland
Pick-up Theater Holland

Lost labirinth of frozen words:
BeeldMedia Theater Holland
Muiderpoort Theater
Overtoom 301
Ahk Theater

Wearable_Dynamics workshops: “Applying creativity defying interactivity”
with Wearable_SuperNow around Spain and China.

Take me home “finalist at the MovilfilmFest 09”
Autopsy of a dream
The Lizard
Trilogy: Operation Brainwashing
Fragility of the Supergirl
Barrio Gotico: «Portraits of a ghost”