The body speaks: dance workshop for visually impaired persons

The body speaks is a movement workshop taught by paola tognazzi aimed at people with visual disabilities. The workshop examines how technology can translate the vocabulary of a body through the support of wearable supernow wristbands with motion capture sensors, with which participants can control, the tempo and volume of audio tracks while moving in space.


The workshop is a two-day immersive experience. The first day involves using a wearable device called SuperNow to explore how participants can alter their physical movements to transform the music they create. This process involves experimenting with different directions, speeds, and physics laws to observe how they impact the resulting sound and movement. The aim of the first day is for participants to observe and become aware of how small directions changes can have a radical impact into the materialization of movement and sound.

On the second day, participants will work together to create a generative group concert narrative by recording live text and audio directly into the SuperNow sensors. This collaborative activity encourages participants to build upon their learnings from the first day and apply them to a shared creative endeavor. Overall, this workshop structure appears to prioritize hands-on experimentation and collaborative exploration of the intersection between movement and sound.