Choreo Lab


The Sheldon choreo lab encompass three applications: Dancing with Sheldon, Tap Dancing with Sheldon and Metamorphosis. These interactive, audio-visual tools are designed to support the study and practice of dance and choreography principles through digital technology.

These dance machines offer a framework that positions generative technology not as a replacement for human agency in choreography, but as a computational tool that augments and diversifies the creation of choreography. Acting as mediators, between choreographic algorithms and individual expression, these machines provide a structured yet flexible framework, for all users—beginners and professionals alike—to explore and create dance.

Key Features and Benefits:

• Interactive learning: The apps provide an immersive experience to learn body mechanics, movement dynamics, rhythmic coordination, and the effective use of space in dance—capturing the inherent beauty of motion.

• Customizable Experience: Each app offers customizable features, allowing users to create their own choreographies.

• Educational and Interactive: These apps allow users to learn by doing and to play the role of a choreographer, dancer and audience all at once.


Dancing with Sheldon is an application to create choreographies and practice different movement qualities.

Controllers menu

By moving the mouse within the grid users can choose number of active body parts and speed. A, B, C move only one, two or all the limbs. 1,2,3 change speed. By clicking on the bottons users can select movement direction: circular, horizontal, vertical.

Advance level features:

Individual style makes each limb move with a different style
Rhythms makes the limb move at the beat of the rhythm selected
Users can choose between 3 different rhythms: R 1, R 2, R 3 and accelerate or decelerate the tempo through the slider.
Automatic activates a coded sequence of actions.


Tap Dancing with Sheldon is an app to create rhythmic sequences and practice feet steps coordination, travel in space and weight shift.

Controllers menu

1. Set Up Your Space: Make sure you have enough room to tap dance. Position your device so you can see the screen easily while dancing.
2. Choose the spatial arrangement: Press on the squares to move them on the screen and create the arrangement desired.
3. Choose Your Beat: By clicking on the squares you’ll see the edges becoming bigger. The one selected play the accent sound.
Through the slider you can adjust how fast or slow it goes.
4. Once you have customized the settings as desired press play and start following the targets on the screen.


Metamorphosis is an interactive web-based application that allows users to explore spatial choreographies of a group of objects, through user-friendly controls.

Controllers menu

  • Group Pos: Controls the angle at which objects move in groups.
  • Timer Position Change : Sets how often the positions of the objects change.
  • Rhythm Tempo: Adjusts the tempo of the rhythmic movements.


  • Play : Starts or stops the movement of the objects.
  • Auto : Enables or disables automatic sequences.
  • Auto Angle : Automatically changes the angle during movement.
  • Rhythmic : Uses rhythmic sequences instead of fixed timers for movement changes.
  • Indiv Target : Each object moves towards its own target.
  • Centered : Objects remain centered.
  • Curve Traj : Objects move in a curved trajectory.
  • Opp CurvDir : Changes the direction of the curved trajectory.

Mouse Interaction:

Moving the mouse vertically changes the radius and speed of the objects. Moving the mouse also controls objects rotations.

Play and share

These apps are all about having fun while enjoying the sequences and rhythms you compose. Experiment with different settings to create unique patterns, customize your experience, and dive into the excitement of mimicking and following Sheldon’s moves. We can’t wait to see your unique choreographies with your favorite moves!