Aurora Boreale

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Aurora Boreale de Paola Tognazzi en el Museo San Telmo from paola tognazzi on Vimeo.

Aurora Boreale presentation at Museum San Telmo. It’s an interactive installation by Paola Tognazzi, using IPhones and the W_dynamics software. It tracks the energy of your movements  translating them so you can modulate the tempo of the music and draw moving freely in the space. You can record sound and voices directly in the system which are then interactive to the energy of your movements. Concept and System Design by Paola Tognazzi
Programming in Processing by Paola Tognazzi and Enrique Esteban Garcia
Programming in Pure Data by Enrique Esteban Garcia.
Texts by Paola Tognazzi
Music creative commons by Azoora
Thanks to the support of Laboral Plataforma Cero and Conexiones Improbables.