Wearable_Dynamics is a company created by Paola Tognazzi, which designs interactive wearable tools based on the philosophy of developing ergonomic full-body interfaces to control audio-visual immersive environments.


The future is in using the whole body and not only the hands. It is in  highly intuitive and simple tools, that can be used by everybody to develop creativity and provide a wide range of sensorial and learning experiences…

It is the duty of a creator to present his/her work in such a manner that the public is able to understand it, assuring authentic and pertinent reactions by the audience – thus communication between the artist and the public.


Our work it’s designed to bring out the voice of the audience’s body as a main protagonist. Its applications are wearable technologies, innovation research and workshops, scientific investigations, art, music and theater stages.

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Wearable 3D printing research

Wearable 3D printing research

http://3dprintingindustry.com/2014/10/07/reactive-wearable-3d-printed-research/ Nice article about my work at Tu/e Eindhoven about Body informed 3D printing...