The body speaks: dance workshop for visually impaired persons

The body speaks is a two days movement workshop taught by Paola Tognazzi aimed at people with visual disabilities. In the workshop participants will experience wearable supernow an interactive tool consisting of wristbands with motion capture sensors, that allows to control and transform the tempo of audio tracks with physical movement.

Workshop structure

The workshop structure consists in hands-on collaborative exploration of the intersection between movement and sound to create an immersive experience.

Day one

The first day, participants will explore how to alter their physical movements to control and transform wearable_superNow sound feedback. Through specific exercises they will experiment the use of different directions and speeds to impact movements and sound feedback.
The aim of the first day is for participants to feel and become aware of how small directions changes can have a radical impact into the materialization of movement and sound.

Day two:

On the second day, participants will work together to create a generative group concert. They will write a text about the theme of what dance is and what it means to them. Then the text will be recorded and inserted into the SuperNow sensors. Finally, guided by the aural feedback, attendants will create their won choreography to transform their texts in a collective performance.