Aurora: the future beings by Paola Tognazzi

Aurora is an interactive audio-visual experience that combines movement and technology in physical spaces and on large digital screens. It uses mobile technology to track the movements of people participating and turns these movements into music and visual projections on the screen.

Participants use as controllers iPhones equipped with the w_dynamics software. The w_dynamics software allows to capture and track users’ movement data in real-time. Two people can work together, each using their own iPhone to create live visuals and sounds. Through the touch screen they can change the audios and the type of brush with which to draw, as they move.

In Aurora technology and Body become one. This setup creates an instant connection between the users’ actions and the digital responses, allowing them to see and learn from the visual feedback immediately.

Aurora also focuses on the art of using visuals to create personal and intimate spaces. It’s like a collective painting game that not only entertains but also encourages people to become more aware of their body movements and the emotional impact of those movements.




The feedback from the audience was:Technology and body become one in an hypnotic experience!

Aurora artistic statement:

Aurora comes from my passion with the body. Knowing, feeling, listening to, and learning from the body’s extreme intelligence. The brain is part of the body our thoughts and memories are processed in and through it. The body is not just a tool or an interface but our root to the world. The body is what we are. And yet we know so little about it. We know how many letters there are in the alphabet, but we don’t know how many bones and muscles we have, never mind all their movement possibilities. And yet we truly communicate more with our body than with words.

This passion leads to questions like: does technology shape the body? Does the body shape technology? What’s the next stage in the evolution of humanity? Will we merge with the machines? But more importantly, how can we re-perceive and listen to the body as body, today in the digital era, to stimulate the expressive qualities generated by movements and conditions like will, effort, and desire.

Technical Rider:

Materials that provides the artist:
1 Macbook OSX, The Softwares: W_dynamics and Processing, 1 Ipod touch

Materials that provides the host:
1 video projector, cables to connect the projector to the computer, 1 router with local wi-fi to connect the sensors of the iphones to the computer, 1 Ipod touch or Iphone, 2 Loudspeakers.