Werable_Dynamics Conference at Metabody

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wearable_dynamics system working with sensors and physical qualities, the body speaks.
Paola Tognazzi’s Conference within the Metabody project by Jaime del Val
The human body is not designed for the postures imposed by the computer.Since 1968 the computer interface hasn’t changed much – a screen, a mouse, a keyboard. Ergonomic body interfaces seem to remain a low priority, even though recent developments in the gaming industry can contribute in that field. Even Today’s google glass has more to do with surveilance systems than with the ergonomics.We forget important communication skills, which are prerequisite to our survival as a species – Balance, Proprioception, body movement, spatial navigation, body memory and instinctive response. With these in mind, I set out to develop Wearable_SuperNow a multi user interactive tool/installation that allows the bodies to speak and create narratives in movement, while developing physical awareness, bringing the attention back to the body.