Evaporated Body

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  • Scorpio

An immersive audio visual interactive installation by Paola Tognazzi
It’s multiuser system composed of 2 projections one that reacts to the sound of the sensors that play texts by Paola Tognazzi and songs by David Mata aka Erissoma and Dragoide , modulated by the energy of the movements of the public, while in another projection the public create live drawings.
The projection at the left, is interactive to the sound frequency. The audience can control the appearance and movement of the characters through sound. The installation to the front right allows the audience to paint with their movements, through the movement capture sensors. While they move they also control and interact the audio files inside the sensors system. By the nature of this design the 2 projections interact together and the visitor is immersed in a complete audio visual experience.
Concept and System Design by Paola Tognazzi
Programming by Paola Tognazzi and Enrique Esteban
Music of the installation by David Mata aka Erissoma
Thanks to Massimo Avvisati, Edu, MediaMap Madrid and IAM Gallery.