It’s a workshop that examines how technology can translate the vocabulary of a performing body into code, disrupt it and create a new one through an interactive audio-visual tool.

I transcribed the code of the semantic of 2 dance techniques (Cunningham and Flying Low by David Zambrano)into an interactive digital tool.

Cunningham technique works on the ability to change direction at will and play with a dynamic range of speeds from fast to slow and vice versa.

Flying Low explores the primary laws of physics, cohesion and expansion, utilizing simple movement patterns, speed, spiralling and the release of energy, to activate the relationship between the centre and the joints.

The Interactive tool Composing with Sheldon, translates the principles into coding parameters and applies them into specif c tools for tempos and direction’s manipulations.
This workshop integrates methodologies of body expressivity with the interactive tool WearMe_SuperNow, bracelets with motion capture sensors, and the software tool “Composing with Sheldon” to orchestrate group audio-visual compositions and learn movement dynamic qualities.

The participants, wearing the motion capture sensors, will explore how to change the physical quality of their movements transforming one music sequence into a generative system of music variations. At the end we will compose together a 10 minutes group performance.