Autopsy: voices from your body

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Autopsy: Voices from your body full documentation from paola tognazzi on Vimeo.

Interactive digital storytelling installation by Paola Tognazzi. The story is unfolded by the audience, that moving in the space created by the projections and interactive sensors manipulate and play the audio tracks that narrate the story.
Premiered in Casa de las Conchas Salamanca november 2010
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Text, video, installation by Paola Tognazzi
Voices: Brett Murray, Jodi Gilbert, Carla Capeto
Sounds: Ivan Necroxian, Suonho, Jacob Plooij, Sigur ros copyleft audio track
Video Performers: Mari Matre Larsen, Matthias Mooij.
Interactive system design: Paola Tognazzi
Programming: Enrique Esteban
Casa de las Conchas:Jorge Páez y Andrés Sudón”