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Room 2.6 by Paola Tognazzi from paola tognazzi on Vimeo.

Room 2.6 is a multi media performance, commissioned by Zaal 100, Melkweg Theater, Steim.
In an immersive audio visual installation unfolds a story, a relationship between the movie characters in the projections and the ones on stage, between the text, the choreography, and the music. They are the same persons, but in a different time frame. The layering of real time performing with their virtual fictitious avatars of memories and premonitions melt past, present and future together uncovering a secret. The specific design of the projections in relation to the content of the movie
and the composition of the live performance have the target to create and give to the spectator the experience of a 3D live movie.
Concept, Direction, movie, choreography: Paola Tognazzi
In collaboration with the performers: Mari Matre Larsen and Mathias Moiij
Music: Jacob Plooij