WORKSHOP: Awakening Creativity and Turning Ideas into Action

WORKSHOP: Awakening Creativity and Turning Ideas into Action


Collaboration is a buzzword, often used without explanation, as it be done by anyone any time. While, achieving good collaboration is crucial to the success of a project and a company, it is also the most challenging to achieve. Collaboration is a dynamic process, constantly evolving, which is why even successful companies can falter over time.
Just as a seed needs certain conditions to grow, there are certain basic conditions that must be met to support the flourishing of collaboration.

The other crucial aspect for success is creativity. Creativity is the ability to adapt which is essential for the survival of companies.

Scientists have discovered that the “Eureka moment,” when new ideas move from the subconscious to the conscious, is most easily reached when one is relaxed and stress-free.

Academic education nowadays does not foster creativity but short-term operational efficiencies rather than creating a company’s future.

Objective: To equip participants with practical tools and techniques to empower their creativity to materialise their ideas .

This workshop is designed to break free from the monotony of daily routines and provide the necessary stimuli and conditions to awaken and support the creativity of the participants. Practical tools and group games will be used to encourage participants to think differently and find the “eureka” moment that can be the foundation for a future career.

Day 1:

Introduction and Icebreaker games to establish group dynamics
Interactive lecture on creativity and innovation practices
Practical exercises to develop the capacity for initiative and innovative thinking
Group games to stimulate imagination and find creative solutions
Discussion on how to turn ideas into business ventures

Day 2:

Recap of Day 1 and group feedback
Manual development on collaboration with practical exercises
Theoretical and practical discussion on the principles of collaboration
Role-playing exercises to practice communication, resolution, negotiation, leadership, teamwork, and flexibility
Practical exercises to develop innovation and proactive attitude
Summary of lessons learned and sharing of experiences


The workshop will use a hybrid methodology combining theoretical development of ideas with practical experience through theatrical body methodologies.
This approach was developed through the experience of working with programmers.
Translating business ideas, software applications, and similar projects in the format of micro plays is the most effective and efficient way to test them and learn:

• to work with a global vision,
• the importance to properly time the development process of all project components
• and team communication.

It provides a relaxed and open space for participants to incubate their ideas while developing essential communication, collaboration, and teamwork practices.


The workshop will be customized to the objectives of the company or institution. The content and exercises can be tailored to specific needs, such as software development, business idea incubation, or team-building.

During this course, we will use practical experiences to create a manual on collaboration. Participants will identify the conditions, principles, and lessons learned during hands-on “field work” experiences, which will be formalized and shared with the group.


Increased capacity for initiative and innovative thinking
Enhanced imagination as a creative source
Practical tools and techniques to turn ideas into business ventures
Improved communication, collaboration, and teamwork practices
Development of essential skills such as resolution, negotiation, leadership, and flexibility
Passion and involvement in work and capacity for sacrifice

Overall, this workshop aims to provide a practical and interactive experience that will awaken and enhance creativity in young people while equipping them with essential skills to turn their ideas into action.