Perfect bomb: Made of Ecological material

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You are the Xfect Bomb, made of ecological material by Paola Tognazzi.
Live interactive storytelling sound performance

The secret trigger to whom we decide to be at this precise moment may be found in laboratories, a phone call, a diary page written on a train while watching the landscape passing by at full speed. Where do ideas come from? that’s a big question nobody can really answer. It can be the cause effect process, the associative one, or maybe the desire or the answer to a specific need. What’s best the rational approach, an emotional one?

Here you won’t find the secret trigger but the moment and place when it appeared the digested and processed transformation on our pop culture medias. it’ll show the future we are closer to.

We live in, a culture where information no longer come from few curated sources on paper, but from many formats, television, radio, music, internet, youtube, social networks intrinsically multitasking and multi perspectives tools.

In this work «You are the perfect bomb, made of ecological material» I’ve been taking materials from a variety of tv shows from the beginning of television to nowadays, like an historian who searches for the roots of ideas and changes in society psicology. Once they appear on television it means they are no longer abstract seeds, they have been already incubated, developed and somewhere out there those ideas are a reality. The structure of the editing is like a cryptogram that the audience has to decipher, a set of words connectable in sentences with logic. I say logic and not meaning cause any attempt to express a meaning is very close to be an attempt to brainwash, to convince someone of something- but here in this collage, it is the audience interpretations who create links and associations of their own subconscious brainwash. The brainwash we do to ourself everyday. The brainwash that define who we decided to be.

I focused my search on tv shows and movies, because they are very sophisticated representation of ideas. Why sophisticate? because they are processed ideas, manipulated to be able to take the shape of a story …a story needs details, timing and a time development: beginning middle end….aka a resolution…and to this all has to be added the emotional capacity to comunicate with the viewer. It’s said that anything you are able to express can become real. In the moment you think of something this something belongs to the realm of reality.

Texts by Paola Tognazzi
Voice by Brett Murray
Music by Dragoide