Vital Spark from paola tognazzi on Vimeo.


Vital Spark is a wearable solution that integrates energy harvesting technologies and 3D printing» to prototype a living system in which the kinetic energy activates a textile embedded with tens» for the reduction of muscular contractions and inflammations after sports.
It is an advanced smart shirt embedded with tens, engineered to work in real time to instantly reduce tension of the upper and lower back after training.


It works through a system that captures the kinetic energy of the body movements and transforms them into electrical energy that re feeds» in real time» the body itself» through feelings of well being.

This wearable solution gives all the control to the wearer. They are the ones who control it with their physicality.


Wearable dynamics has spent the last 3 years morphing technology into a personal connection by investigating materials reactive to movement» and partnering with energy harvesting company and expert 3D modeler to implement in vital spark those technologies.


Vital Spark provides athletes electro stimulation massage to the muscular fascia of the back after the training». It benefits the transition from high activity to passivity. The body can have a gradual transition in contrast to sudden cool down thus avoiding traumas. Professional athletes have physiotherapists treating them after games. Vital Spark is an alternative for those who can not afford them.

Research show the target customer are men between 25 to 39 years» belonging to the middle and upper middle class and belong to a social scheme DINKY double income» no kids focused on professional growth in body care and health.
It has university education and commonly works at an office» having a quasi sedentary work life.
Generation Y or millenial very commonly have a natural approach to electronic technologies and has a positive like to them.
In general the target customer gives importance to sensorial pleasures, is curious and searches to be different and break ground.

Paola Tognazzi Drake
Jonathan Ramírez Díaz de León
Manlio Boito